Diplomacy Needed For The Black Revolution

From today’s politics, it is clear to see that modern diplomacy is that of the Dark ages. Before I go into all of that, let us define diplomacy first. Diplomacy is the elected few that negotiate issues that is important to a state such as peace, war, economics, culture, human rights, etc. Secondly, let us break down what is a state, a state means a nation organised under one government.

With those two definitions in place, it is clear to see a small percentage of the privileged people are making decisions for you and me on how they govern us including our survival, safety, and prosperity. In short, they are relinquishing our rights and is not in the interest on how we will put food on the table for our families.

Just like in the dark ages, our 21st century diplomats are usually relatives of ruling families including the multinational corporations and religious radicals. They justify this with their wealth as that gives them legitimacy even though many gained wealth off crime, exploitation and murders. The irony!

Have you ever wondered why some states have more authority over others? The most powerful states have better innovative technology and the most money. If they have all of that then they can call the shots. Who are the top five most powerful countries in the world in 2017? USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and UK.

We are the minority in all these countries mentioned above and only America and UK would make some token Black diplomats who are usually deployed to Black countries to make everyone feel good. It is the White, Arab, and Chinese diplomats who are negotiating the big stuff for their own self-interest and not ours.

So what does that mean to the Black man? First off, it means we cannot rely on the elites to solve our problems in our neighbourhoods. Secondly, we have nothing Whites, Chinese and Arabs want from us apart from being loyal consumers, you know why? Because they already gained everything from us through slavery. They became strong through trading us and exploiting us to the extent of death.

If Black people want any kind of diplomacy to work for them, they have to start with community-wide diplomacy. It means we need to start trading amongst ourselves our money, knowledge and stability. Also, we engage in war with the common enemy to buy time to gain more organisation until we become self-reliant.

Once we are self-reliant then we have something to use as leverage to negotiate with non-blacks within our cities, states, then country and then internationally. That is how we solve our problems like feeding our kids, getting better education and living conditions.

Once our communities become functional, using our money and knowledge then we can pool together our wealth and use it to acquire the latest technologies, buy land to grow our own food and live, and protect our investments through private armies and intelligent agencies.

And when the world sees this level of stability, they will want to negotiate with us. We will be able only then be able to solve our problems. We need to begin to share resources to meet our goals.

Our first goal as Africans all over the world is economic planning which would maximise the benefits of our resources for us. Second, a unified defence strategy to protect our independence and resources from external powers. Third, to be able to Pan-African solidarity on the world stage and demonstrate we are able to coordinate together in politics to secure foreign policies in defence, human rights and economic development.



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