By Any Means Necessary (Malcolm X Speeches and Writings)

51kzp0gdxqlI have read this book many times and every time I could hear his conviction, charisma and urgency in his voice as my eyes focused on every word that was transcribed.  With every turn of the page, I felt hope in the weight of every thought he articulated like the true man of the people he was.  

I made a lot of notes every time I turned the pages, do you know the word I wrote the most? The word was “relevant”. Malcolm’s words on the plight and struggle of the negro for liberation is still valid today.

Book Title: By Any Means Necessary (Malcolm X Speeches and Writings)

Author: Malcolm X

Summary: There is a collection of speeches from his rallies, where he was invited to speak, transcription from interviews, short statements on the role of women, youth, education and more. As well as a beautifully reflective letter to his supporters while he was in Cairo. The book maps out the evolution of Malcom X’s ideologies especially from his return from Africa. 

Favourite Quote: “All thinking people today who have ever been oppressed are revolutionary. Anytime you find somebody today who’s afraid of the word “revolution,” get him on out of your way. He’s living in the wrong era… He hasn’t awakened yet. This is an era of revolution.”  

Response: I went through all kinds of emotion from anger because he was fighting for we are still fighting for, to laughter how Malcolm would throw shade at his adversaries. For the hours I read his work, I would feel like he was still alive. However, when I finished reading the last sentence of the book,  I always well up, mourning the loss of his presence and loss of his great ideas to become reality. It left me wondering, “What would the world be like if he was not murdered?”

Recommendation: I recommend to anyone to read thi book who is seeking for action in the Black liberation movement or/and just understand who Malcolm developed into as a philosopher and activist outside what they were taught in school as a hater and racist. 

Rating: sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2 /5

Tell me in the comments below which other books I should read and review.


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