Black Matter Lives

They say that we are made up of stars and the universe. I believe that. The world runs an efficient system where nothing is wasted and energies are transformed and manifested on different frequencies to create different forms of beings and the inanimate. When I stare up into the darkness of the night skies and look at my skin colour, I recognised that my Blackness and the dark matter blanketed above me are one of the same.

The dark matter is rolled out like a never ending scroll throughout the entire universe.  What was once considered by scientists as just empty space is now known as dark matter and dark energy. Scientists say it is all mysterious and yet to be understood. Dark matter is to the universe what melanin is to our bodies. As above, so below.

For us to understand melanin, we have to start with understanding the sun. After all the sun is at the centre of all biochemical processes on Earth. Without it, life cycle of vegetation and animals would end and the circadian rhythms (that tells us when to sleep, eat, etc) of all creatures would be disrupted. The sun is able to create energy because it is essentially a massive fusion reaction that emits energy in the form of light and heat. The energy emitted from the outer shell of the sun from which light is radiated (called photosphere) spreads through space and reaches Earth’s atmosphere.  It is the Earth’s upper layer of the atmosphere (the ozone layer) that filters much of the sun’s ultra-violet (UV) radiation, but passes some onto the surface such as on to the oceans and clouds. The energy that is received is then absorbed by humans, providing us with a source of energy that is absorbed into our melanin. It is melanin that absorbs the UV radiation that the body needs. Thus, melanin is a semiconductor in the body where energy exchange is occurring.

Melanin gives the pigment of the skin, hair and iris of the eye; as well as found in the inner ear and heart. Melanin is produced from cells called melanocytes, located just below the outer surface of the skin, which is in higher levels in people with darker skin. Melanin’s primary function is to protect the skin from sun damage and the primary benefit of sun protection is having youthful skin. That is why people that originated near the equator tended to be the darkest and people further away from the equator tended to be the lightest. It is the blackness jus like dark matter that can absorb and store energy.

Melanin is also found in brain tissues including medulla oblongata (which regulates breathing, heart and blood vessel function, digestion, sneezing, and swallowing) and zona reticularis (which makes and secrets different sex hormones) of the adrenal gland, and pigment-bearing neurons within areas of the brain-stem, such as the locus coeruleus (involved with physiological responses to stress and panic) and the substantia nigra (involved in the production of dopamine that helps coordinate muscle movement). As you can see melanin enhances the entire efficiency our being.

Our melanin directly communicates with the source of life through energy. The more melanin, the more energy, the more connection, more spirituality. How? The pineal gland (symbolised as your crown chakra) secretes melatonin (which is a hormone for our body clock) which in turn activates the pituitary gland (your 3rd eye/brow chakra) to release melanocyte-stimulating hormones, known as MSH. MSH stimulates the production and release of melanin.
Can you see the connection? It is our pituitary gland that releases hormones that regulates our lower self such as growth, sex organ functions, converting food into energy, and pain relief. Hormones keeps us in harmony with the universe and fulfil God’s will for us to thrive and bear fruit. Because we don’t have to think about surviving physiologically (when we are connected to nature), we can focus on our awareness of the Creator and creation; as well as, receiving intuition from the world around us.

In regards to the pineal gland, our internal body clock works in harmony with the sun’s energy. For example, the darkness induces sleepiness and when there is sunlight we are awake (when in nature). This gland allows our mental energies to connect with the Source/God to receive enlightenment when we are awake in the form of visions/imagination and receive the power to transcend the physical realms when we sleep and dream.

The same way scientists have discovered when dark matter in space interacts with particles of light, it creates “halos of light” around galaxies, just like melanin allows us to be highly enlightened when we work with our natural self to open our crown chakra (or halo). Also like without dark matter’s gravitational pull to hold all the stars together while spinning at such high speeds, melanin is a key component to maintaining our health and organising our body intuitively.

Our melanin rich skin reminds us that we are the originals of this amazing Earth and we are the closest thing to what makes up 80 percent of this spectacular universe. When God said ‘let us make man in our image’, I wonder if the Creator took the blackness of the starry skies and kneaded it into the dirt of the earth and sprinkled stardust into the human mind. Next time you look up at night and see the sky, remember you are one with the universe.







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