Reclaiming Eden: How To Grow A Garden In Your Apartment

We are the original and organic people of Mother Earth and we need to be eating organic food to feed our melanated bodies  so we can heal ourselves. We need the oxygen, sunlight energy, chlorophyll, and minerals from nature to keep us from being deficient and sick. By growing your own vegetables, herbs and plants in your living space, it will help you not to rely on the oppressed system to give you their Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food. These GMO (low melanated)  people wants to manipulate nature to exploit it, depopulate and make money in the process by giving us GMO foods. Whoever controls food controls you. Take back control over your health and sustenance.

I am going to show you as the Adams and Eves of this world how to reclaim your Eden. A lot of us do not live in open spaces or live next to green spaces. Nature is free, food is free as it was intended and I am going to help you be free today.

Let’s start with the seeds. Please make sure you only buy organic seeds. They are not expensive and you don’t need to buy in bulk either because your vegetation will reproduce naturally if tended to carefully. I bought my seeds on Ebay for around £1. Do research on which vegetation you want and the conditions needed to grow.

You can get containers by using recycled water bottles for herbs to grow, egg boxes as a plant nurser, and even old wellington boots and jars for pots. You can be creative with anything in your apartment. If you want less of a homemade look then you can go to garden centres when they have sales or pound store’s garden aisle to pick up everything you want.

Healthy soil is key to growing delicious produce. Most commercial soils are mineral deficient which means our foods are mineral deficient which in turn our bodies are deficient of minerals. Minerals are needed for your body to function. So pay attention. The healthiest free soil to get is from the cemetery. Before you start imaging digging up bodies, stop! The ground workers dig up soil every day to make new graves, they do not need the soil. You are helping to recycle the earth. Just ask the workers in the cemetery if you can take enough to garden. I have never been refused yet! If you find that uncomfortable then buy good quality soil from garden centres or supermarkets. You can always start your own compost in your apartment if you have a balcony or space under your kitchen sink, click here for how to.

Now that we have the organic seeds, containers and healthy soil. Let us move on to creating space and setting up your own little slice of paradise.

Wall Planters

Plastic bottles as a gardenTwo liter bottles can be used for plants to be hung on a wall. Have the bottle on their side so you can cut space out of the side facing up to put the soil in the bottle. Poke one small hole near the cap the same side as the plant hole. Then make another small hole directly below that one in the other side of the bottle. Make the same small holes at the other end of the bottles. These holes is for the rope to be installed to hang the bottle. Take a small strong rope, string it through each top hole into and through the bottom hole. Tie a knot near each of the bottom holes so each bottle lays flat on its side when hung.  Anchor a sturdy curtain rod or pipe to the wall, click here for how to. If this is an issue for you because you are not allowed to drill holes then I have an alternate using command hooks for securing curtain rods, click here . Now hang the bottles horizontally with the open space facing up. Fill bottles with soil and seed your plants. Make sure the wall is opposite windows to catch the sunlight light and be careful not to over water since this solution does not allow for drainage.

Pallets can be repurposed  for growing food. You can purchase them from pallets suppliers  or keep your eye out behind supermarkets and around construction sites. Also you can collect for free by looking on Gumtree. However, make sure the pallets that are not treated with toxic chemicals because we don’t want it releasing toxic chemicals in  your home or the food you are growing. Remember to repair any loose boards, sand down any rough wood and add doubled landscape fabric to the back so you don’t damage the wall that the pallet will rest against.  Laying the pallet flat, add your soil, seeds in the gaps then water. Finally, prop the pallet vertically against your wall. I recommend an outside wall as it will be easier to keep the surrounding area clean.

Door Planters

Please make sure you have very sturdy hinges on your doors for hanging a shoe organiser or a door organiser on a door to house your plants. The door planter will need to be facing good natural sunlight. Simply fill each compartment with soil and seed. To keep the organiser from leaking water or soil, consider a non-toxic clear caulk. Do not over water as to avoid excessive weight straining the door.

Window Sill Planters

You can purchase window sills or window hanging boxes. These are great to grow shallow rooted herbs and vegetables. You need to secure the boxes to the structure (they normally come with instructions) first. Once done, proceed to fill with soil, seed and water. Simple to do!

If you have an indoor window ledge then place your pots/containers there and fill with soil, seed and water. You might want to use a tray under your pots/containers to capture excess water. Add a few big smooth even rocks under the pots/containers to give better irrigation in the tray.

Stair Planters

If you have carpet free staircase then use it to place small house plants along the steps that gets natural sunlight.

Balcony Planters

If you are lazy to do any DIY then simply get your store bought containers or/and grow bags and plant your seed in the soil and water.

If you like to recycle, why not reclaim old storage cabinets with drawers and use all the spaces to place your containers. Also why not line the drawers with plastic, fill with soil, plant your seeds and water. If you have very limited space to then use trolleys with multi-levels, a ladder or stackable strays and build a tower. Fill with your plant containers/pots.

For those who are good with their hands, tray making a slim vertical raised patio bed from reclaim wood, or pallets for free. To find out how to, click here.

Most balconies have railings so hang your two litre bottle planters filled with herbs, greens and more. You can secure window sill boxes to the railings to maximise space.

You can secure hanging baskets for your plants on the walls outside if you have no floor space.

Now you have a garden of Eden in your concrete jungle. By being self-sufficient you take back control and protect you and your family from the GMO and plastic fake food they are selling us. Feed your melanin and get back to nature in your home until you can escape to the country.








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