5 Proven Ways To Start Your Business

The 5 proven ways to start your business will be focusing on your mind-set. Since everything starts with a thought before it becomes a physical manifestation, that is where you have to start in order for you to overcome the failure to fail.

Many of us are taught from a young age, study your books, pass your exams, get your degree and work for somebody else. That never made sense for me because I knew my worth before teachers and my parents told me just to be a worker bee. I had my first business at 25 while studying for my Doctorate of Psychology and running a charity. I have launched one other business when I was 29 years old. My first business was successful and made excellent money but the funding dried up and I had to start my placement at university. My second business did not work because my market was too saturated with bigger companies and I did not have a lot of money to splash on commercial marketing to  compete. I failed  but I learnt a lot and it made me hungrier to try again in business.

My family, friends and associates have been amazed by my entrepreneurial spirit and always said, “I wish I could do what you do.” It saddens me because all I hear is “I am afraid to fail”. To start up a business with that mind-set is financial suicide. I am about to embark on my third business adventure and I am looking forward to the success. Wouldn’t you want start your own business to begin with the right kind of mind-set too?

I just want my people to strive and become employers and contributors to our community. I feel good seeing a thriving Black owned business do well! Hence, I want to let you in on my tips in making your own money. Every entrepreneur I know is afraid of failure. It’s natural because you want to get it right the first time and you may have a lot at risk. Starting a business is scary because we go outside of our comfort zone. As entrepreneurs, our ego and identity becomes strongly attached in what we do so when things do not go as according to plan, we feel embarrassed and want to die, especially if we run into debt.

However, I have my 5 proven simple effective strategies to start your business with immediate success:

1) Shift your thinking from “I’m going to make X amount of money from this product or service” to “I’m going to learn how to make my product or service successful”. Your goals on paper has to include crunching numbers to see if your business idea is viable. However, your goals in your mind have to be about you developing and growing first before it manifests into reality. It will navigate your subconscious to start finding relevant books,  videos, and right contacts to make your business work.

2) Remember, failure is only temporary and not permanent. It is only permanent if you quit. Don’t let your feelings get in the way of providing for yourself, having financial freedom and getting money. There are a lot of entrepreneurs that failed a few times but now they have an empire. They felt the failure but didn’t act on the feelings of failure.

3) Consider the cost of missed opportunities if you don’t start your business. Weight up the pros and cons of not starting your own legacy. If you stay in your job you will have financial stability but you hate your job, you’ve been stuck in the same position for far too long, can’t stand commuting long hours into work, you hate the politics in the office and you don’t feel valued for all the extra work you put in. Any of those sound familiar? Leaving your “stability” is the best motivation to make your business work. Taking high risk opportunities is central as they offer you the greatest rewards in life and leave a mark in the universe.

4) Look at your business form all angles to cover different possible challenges. For example, what if you want to open a dance studio to teach ballet but there are two large dance academies with the 15 miles radius? Maybe you can offer ballet – Hip hop dance fusion, or you are struggling to find space, why not do pop-up ballet dance classes in different halls in your city or unusual places like gym roof tops or shopping mall spaces? Failure just means you haven’t been creative with finding solutions. There is always more than one way to skin a cat!

5) Don’t tell anybody your business plan until you have everything in place. Sometimes people will creep their negative energy into your mind with doubts and their own insecurities. This happened to me so I just kept my mouth shut and let my work speak for itself. I felt in control of starting up my business because no one else was involved until I said so. It lead to less confusion in my decision making process.

One major thing I have learnt this time around is to stay in the here and now rather than going back on your past or running ahead into your future. Fear can’t touch you if you are in the present moment. Fear is death, you lowest vibration and form of self. If you stay in fear of failing, you will stay stuck, broke, and mentally robbed from slaving away making someone else rich. Rise above fear and love yourself enough to go after your dreams and fulfil your purpose. You may not die filthy rich but you will die defiantly happy – this is the true meaning of success.


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