Outdoors Is The Natural Classroom

Just like a human mother, nature is great at teaching children a lot of life’s truths. Learning from the natural world can teach the impressionable young mind so much about the mechanics of life, strong work ethic, who they are, and a great backdrop for creative imaginations before the child can even read a printed word on a page.

Children can walk outside and observe information from the trees, insects, clouds, flowers and sunlight all communicating to through bio-photons. This is were they can exercise their high intelligence and learn spirituality in being kind, loving, patient and peaceful. Why is this? The bio-photons are produced by our own cells in response to reviving UV light from the sun. Scientific research has linked it to an “invisible”communication of our cells in our inner environment as well as connecting us with the outer environment. When your child plays outside the biophotons play a key part in how the brain process and encode information.

If you observe children surrounded by the blues, greens, browns and other spectacular colours Mother Earth has to offer then you realise they are intuitive. They respond to the miracles of creation with a vigour or high energy, it is because they have a pure connection to the lifeforce, chi, prana or biophotons. Nature teaches children wisdom and instruction that they will never get in their classrooms. The starry skies, chirping birds, and imposing mountains develop their critical thinking skills that help them understand their environment. They want to investigate what the sun is made out of, why the sky is blue, and if they eat seeds will they turn into a tree.

Nature never lies to them, show discrimination, or abuse them. She can be trusted to bare all for child’s mind to be influenced to be one with the world and respect the ebb and flow of life. Things that are missing in school’s classroom. Even amongst the brier, thorn and thistle they will be taught the balance of good and bad, pain and pleasure.

Using the outdoors as a classroom is great not only for science but for maths, working the ground, survival, team work, art, music, morality,  mental well being, health, responsibility and creativity. Nature has endless resources and new lessons everyday.

Here are the top 10 reasons to teach outside and ditch the class room:

  1. The child can concentrate longer, including children with symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  2. Learning becomes relevant especially for abstract teach subjects like maths, especially younger children who think concrete rather than abstract.
  3. Children in contact with nature regularly are highly self-disciplined like with chores and being patient while waiting.
  4. Nature frees the minds of children more than sitting with 4 walls for 7 hours a day. The endless scenery of colours and motions can ignite storytelling, games and role play that fosters language and collaborative skills.
  5.  Exposure to the world in its natural state buffers the impact life stresses and how they deal with adversity.
  6. It reduces behavioural problems as children experience being happy, engaged and motivated outdoors which makes learning a less negative activity.
  7. Natural environments stimulate social interaction between children as they interact more to find answers to their wondering minds and share discoveries.
  8. Outdoor learning opportunities offers children a greater chance of keeping fit and healthy.
  9. Nature is important to children’s development of independence and autonomy as they go off and explore their world.
  10. Children that have regular contact and play in the natural world is going to be adults who love and respect nature along with a positive environmental ethic.

Our children have so much to gain from connecting with the natural world. Open up their learning by shutting off their computer games and take them outside to the nearest greenery or woodlands or zoo. Let them experience hands one life lessons that will help them excelerate in any learning environment. After all Mother nature knows best.


One thought on “Outdoors Is The Natural Classroom

  1. Such an insightful post. It can be so beneficial to get kids outside early. It prevents them from all sorts of things, especially allergies, and can help them appreciate physical activity early in life. Really wish this mindset would be more pervasive.


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