Popped My Cherry: No longer A Vegan Virgin

Last year I flirted with the idea of becoming a vegan and I did try for three months but did not enjoy it after the second month because i was not educated on how to be a healthy vegan. Prior to that I was a carnivore for 3 years. Prior to that I was a pescatarian (a vegetarian that ate fish) for a decade.

My relationship to meat has always been volatile.

Growing up I loved eating my mum’s chicken curries, pepperpot (tender marinated beef in a sweet cassava sauce) and granny’s fishcakes and fried fish. When I turned 18, I became fed up of meat and learnt it produced too much mucus i body that made my asthma worse so I went cold turkey. I gave up dairy too but still loved an occasional fish dish. I got rid of my asthma and became fit with martial arts and saw the results from refraining from meat and dairy. I broke my lifestyle after smelling the most amazing jerk chicken dish of my life while at my friend’s family celebration. After that, every time I over-indulged in heavy meat dishes I felt unsettled and knew that I could not eat meat forever. The struggle was intense until now.

When new years started, I had my last dinner as a meat eater which was a spicy chicken pizza. I set my self a challenge to eat vegan without too much manipulation to the food such as boiling, baking and cooking (basically applying heat) and give up processed foods and refined sugar.

This time, i planned my meals to make sure i got my protein, carbs, and healthy fats in to sustain my very active life. I looked into rice and bread alternatives, subscribed to a few vegan blogs and YouTubers and followed a few vegan recipe pages and vegan fitness gurus. After my first month of changing my lifestyle, I have discovered a few benefits unlike what I ever experienced last year when i tried and failed.

I think smoothies have been key to packing in all of my micro-nutrients and eating nuts and pulses (e.g. chickpeas) that have kept me feeling full longer. My first week was withdrawal hell! I broke out in pimples, i had mood swings from not having chocolate, and my poop was not peasant t see or smell. After two weeks, my energy, mood and motivation sky rocketed. I even noticed that my cognitive functions were getting better along with a smoother sleeping pattern. Could this all to do with eating what came from Mother Nature?

My purse was not complaining because i was saving money from not buying meat. Also my body was responding to the vegan lifestyle because my skin is glowing, i lost 10 pound in a month, one dress size and I am getting leaner with more muscle definition. When my vegan friends use to preach at me about their holier than though vegan lifestyle, i switched off and some of them were not healthy! However when I did my own research I was willing to try it again. I do not know if i will stay a vegan forever but I am taking it one day at the time and still enjoying all the benefits.

Here are the other benefits after my first month of loosing my “v” card that being my vegan card:

1. Less likely to be angry quicker than normal – too busy vibrating on higher frequencies since eating only living things that feeds me liquid sunshine
2. Less lustful thoughts on food and sex – no longer stuck at my lower chakras
3. Lost my sugar and chocolate addiction – I have become sensitive too sugar
4. Conscious of how much and what I’m eating – I became an organised eater
5. Stronger will power. I started fasting weekly to amplify my health benefits
6. Connected more to nature and my natural state- No make up and respecting myself
8. A more grateful attitude towards my body
9. Lighter periods- I have cut down from 5 days to 2.5 days
10. More spiritually sensitive to messages from Nature and God – I have increased concentration in meditation
11. Less stressed by the same adversities
12. No indigestion or heartburn like before

I hope you can take away lessons from my journey and apply what suits you. If you have questions about my vegan lifestyle please leave a question in the comments section.

Have you popped your vegan cherry?


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