The Silent Killers Of The Melanated People

In my ‘Black Matter Lives’ post (to read click here), I shared the science behind melanin and how you are connected to the universe which is also made out of Black energy and matter. I concluded that we are electrical vibe beings as we absorb the UV lights from the sun which is a conductor for the energy that comes from the dark matter.

Our melanin directly communicates with the source of life through energy, the sun. This communication is only possible because of our Blackness which is called melanin. The more melanin, the more energy, the more connection, the more spiritual connection we have with creation. Is through the pineal gland (symbolised as your crown chakra) that secretes melatonin (a hormone for our body clock) which in turn activates the pituitary gland (your 3rd eye/brow chakra) to release melanocyte-stimulating hormones, known as MSH. MSH stimulates the production and release of melanin. These connections are so important for our functioning. Without it, we become sick with diseases such as aggressive cancers and arthritis, cognitively impaired like dementia, mentally unwell such as depression and schizophrenia, and premature death. That is just the physical deterioration. The spiritual disconnection will keep you at the lower self of survival, reproduction, and low self control…. basically an animal. You know the saying “it’s a dog eat dog world”, it tells us that we as a human race in this part of Earth’s history is not ascending to loving one another, being intuitive and one with all that surrounds us. We are disconnected.

As a Black nation in the western world we have been ripped from our natural selves and have become “civilized” by the less melinated people. We are so disconnected from God, nature, each other and ourselves! It has been designed that way by those who naturally do not know how to harness the solar energy to activate their chakras/glands and that has a more severe calcified pineal gland (3rd eye). Why do they want us to live a lifestyle that does not work with our natural state? It’s a power game. They know if we woke up and knew who we truly are then we get back the power and we will no longer be their batteries to run their oppressive systems, e.g. paper money IOU notes, labour to build them empires of gold and precious resources, political illusion of freedom, to be ruled over, and the delusion that they are masters of our destiny.

Did you know the pigmentation of the colour black/ muddy brown is the mixture of all the primary colours? Also, black pigmentation absorbs all of light/ colours of the visible spectrum; thus, does not reflect light back to the eyes and so our brain registers the lack of light as black. We are every colour, every wavelength and frequency. We are the greens of the plants, we are the yellow of the sun, we are the ultraviolet (some of the darkest people are Black blue and violet), the blues of the water and we are the colours of every fruit, vegetable, insect, birds, and animals. Our Blackness carries intense energy. Consider that most seeds occur in shades of brown.  These envelop the life force energy until it bursts into an active, growing life.  Moist, rich soil is brown, as is tree bark and human skin when exposed to sunlight. Our Blackness connects us to earth energy and reminds us of the latent power running through all our lives. We were made perfect to live in this world!

Our energy is displayed in physical platforms like sports and strength, especially anything involving explosive energy like sprinting. When we create it comes from a place of deep consciousness in healing forms like music, cooking and art. When we get a group of Black people with all this energy, either two things will happen. If gathered in a negative energy then we would become explosive and destructive or if gathered in a positive energy then we would create things beyond our imagination such as “soul” music, “soul” food, wonders of the world, spirituality, medicines, technology and so much more things our empires created. I sometimes wonder why certain entities engineer Black neighbourhoods with poor conditions, gun and drug crimes, abortion clinics, low employment and damaging businesses to our communities. Could it be because they know what we are truly capable of being united with all this condense energy? Is that why “they” have us subjected to oppression, in poverty and slave like jobs and hating ourselves to keep us at our lowest vibrations because we are too much of powerful beings?.

Historically,  white supremacists and Arabs took Africans from the equator to harness our energy and disconnect us from our natural state by making us wear their clothes, forcing us to accept new names and identities, brainwashing us to act like them, raping and castrating us (both males and females) to keep us traumatised, separating us from our families, cutting out our mother tongues, giving us false idols to worship, cross breeding to cause colourism and pitching females against males. As each generation is born, we are becoming more disconnected from the nature, ourselves and each other.

Geographically, these same people that historically that is disconnected from their natural selves also disconnected us from our geography. They were smart enough to understand that in order for us to function enough to work the land, we needed the sun so they kept us in warm climates like Caribbean, Asia and Americas. It is only in mid 19 century did Blacks start willingly migrate to the northern hemisphere with the luring of providing more money for their family and live the “high” life. So a few generations later, we are now living in colder climates with shorter days.

Now we have a higher rise in heart diseases, cancers, schizophrenia, blood and bones disorders, depression, miscarriages, cancers, STIs, retardation, and so many more that is prevalent in the African people in the Northern hemisphere. Most of these diseases are due to the disconnection of natural foods (greens, vegetables, and fruits), nature, and sun! What do they say we are deficient of that are link to all of these diseases? Vitamin D! Where does this vitamin come from? Our food and sunlight. European scientists claims the highest sources of getting vitamin D are fish and meat. However, it is those same animals that are eating plants that are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is generated when the plants interacts with the sun. The highest source of getting vitamin D is from the sun itself. Since we are far from the sun and have “adapted” to the northern hemisphere, we are dysfunctional and not tapped into our full potential. We are disconnected.

In regards to everyday life, we wear clothes that block the sunlight hitting our skin because of fashion and colder climates, we straighten our hair killing off our hair plexus (google it) where our coils are perfect to absorb the sunlight needed to feed our brains and receive signals from our environment. We drive in metal boxes, we live in square accommodations that blocks us from receiving at least 8 hours of earth and solar energy, the creams we wear on our skin acts as a barrier from receiving sunlight, and we work 8 to 12 hour shifts in a square cubicle or building. We wear rubber shoes so we can’t absorb the negative ions from the grass and trees that heal us. We spend endless hours plugged in to artificial entertainment instead of receiving colour therapy by being in nature learning her ways. We eat “soul” food (which actually comes from eating scraps from the slave masters kitchen rather than our food from Africa) and buy fast food that is designed to kill us quickly.

Black is truly beautiful, powerful and natural. We are made perfect. We are the originals but disconnected and lack knowledge of self. Something needs to change. While we fight Black liberation, we are giving of our energy, where we are fighting to stay to is intentionally killing us. Shouldn’t we fight for Black life liberation? Black life liberation means going back to our original selves?  We need to clean our melanin and get back to nature. Nature loves us, not “our” governments. We need to depend on nature to give us natural healthy foods, not food stamps and supermarkets. The best part of it is, it is for free, our liberation. In return, we give back to Nature as our body is designed to do.

I will cover multiple ways of starting the Black Life Liberation transition in the future with practical and super affordable methods to get rid of the silent killers, cleaning your melanin with yummy recipes; as well as, moving to the tropics as I begin and complete the process.

Stay tuned in to MindSightCollective and nature.





10 thoughts on “The Silent Killers Of The Melanated People

    1. Thank you Reflection. Knowledge is only power-full when we know how to apply it. I will be adding articles on how to do so over the year. Our melanin is under attack and played down as just pigmentation but actually it is bigger than that. I hope to be able to expose using facts ONLY to educate our people. Namaste


  1. You are so on the path…only thing I’d love to see is our community to stop calling themselves “black.” We have a culture a language and a land.


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