Lessons In Living

Nearly 5 years ago, I sat watching the 3rd annual Black Girls Rock Awards and this beautiful and elegant older woman glided across the stage and spoke fd13fb3214e9f35c088144fc9105d740with such poise. I instantly felt empowered by her words, this as none other than the fabulous Susan L Taylor. This phenomenal woman was the former editor-in-chief for one of the most celebrated African American magazines in the world, Essence Magazine.

I googled her name and her book came up and I ordered it straight away! This book took me on a beautiful soul discovery as she unfolded her life and sometimes hard lessons imposed on her that made her into the icon of fashion and journalism.

Book Title: Lessons In Living

Author: Susan L Taylor

Summary: Susan speaks about the highs and lows of her journey being a single mother, her entrepreneurship, landing her first job with Essence, looking for love, and dealing with her mother dying. The lessons that she unpacks along the way are spiritual ones that inspires to love yourself, be at peace, and find a balance. This book celebrates life to the fullest along with practical antidotes.

Favourite Quote:  “The goal is to realize that every moment of our lives is a meditation.”

Response: I was blown away that this book spoke to me in such a personal way. I went on an emotional and spiritual cleanse as Susan taught me about harnessing inner strength, acknowledging myself beyond the physical realm and opened my eyes to faith. My pages were decorated in orange highlighter covering every gem that dripped off her lips. Every morning I would a few pages to set up my day and meditate on her words. It started me on my quest to take control of my destiny. Her impacting book still feeds my soul to this day.

Recommendation: This book is great for men and women who is needs to find balance in their lives. For those looking to find out the secrets to a successful living then this book with spill al the beans! The practical elements are given to the reader generously so their is a lot to try out and see if it works for you.

Rating: sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2sticker220x200-pad220x200ffffff-u2/5

Tell me in the comments below which other books I should read and review.



2 thoughts on “Lessons In Living

  1. Sounds great. And I love the five out of five fists!

    I love Bone by Yrsa Daley-Ward and Between the World and Me by Ta’Nehisi Coates -would love to hear your reviews on them.


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