Why Our Natty Hair Makes Us like Gods

Dead Prez said it best in their righteous song ‘The Beauty Within’:

“This Hollywood world so pretentious/ every other girl got a perm or extensions/ but you don even rarely wear lipstick/ still your beauty is a natural mystic/ indigenous strong cheekbone from your lineage/ not what the mainstream image is/ natural hair as your heritage/ but to see it without chemicals/ is rare as the pyramids.”

I am going to show you how your nappy hair makes you like a god. When I say like god I mean as the dictionary defines god as ” a person or thing of supreme value”.

I am about to enlighten our melination about the thing that grows out our head that we relax, dread, moisturise, braid, weave, and cover… Our hair. Scientists say that hair is just a long chain of protein, keratin, which grows from the follicles in the skin and the hair shaft is considered “dead” as it has no biochemical activity. However, the hair bulb that is not visible from outside is very much alive.

Some Africans hate their curls while other celebrate theirs. The reason why we have kinkier hair than people with less melanin is because our hair fibres are oval shaped while straight hair fibres are round. The oval shape allows more of the keratin to become compacted together resulting in a bent shape that becomes curlier in form. Our oval shape is special because it is the shape of an egg. Egg in symbolism is linked to fertility, birth and resurrection or immortality. Coincidentally, Hindus believe the cosmic egg contained the whole universe including the Sun, Moon, planets and all of space. I found it interesting as we know melanin is black matter which makes up everything in this universe. The Black family is everything, even our hair is telling us this!

Your ‘fro tells you who you are, who your ancestors were, and who your future generations are going to be. Not just by how your hair looks but the genetic language is speaks. Your consciousness is made up of all those who was before you because your coding is in your DNA that carries genetic information, determining your physical (and spiritual) characteristics. Did you know where in your hair strand your DNA lies? It is your hair follicle at the base of your hair that contain cells rich in DNA. Your roots is your roots! This is why no matter how much someone straightens their hair, their roots will always stay curly or the whole head reverts back to kinky. Your ancestors will never allow you to not live in your truth so embrace it.

Also, our textures that we try to get rid of is actually functional. Since we originated from the Equator, our texture of kinks, waves and curls absorbs the UV light from the sun easier than straight hair, it is additional protection for the head and our sparse density of our puffy afros gave us an airy spongy structure that allows a circulation of cool air onto the scalp. Keeping us looking cool as well as staying cool.

Your nappy head is an electro-magnetic insulator. Your natural tresses is magnetic (I will explain the science behind that in a soon coming article) because of the coils which makes you magnetic. More so, your thoughts are magnetic. What you think about is what you attract. Having thick and healthy coils optimises the magnetic property which gives you the ability to be truly supernatural. Have you noticed when you have dread locks or afro puffs, or a picked out afro how much attention you receive? It is like it pulls people to you? It is that magnetic power! Do not underestimate it! Love your hair and you will attract love and all that will love you.

Hair is part of the nervous system. Your hair senses the change in the environment as if it was an exterior sensory nerve. Your glorious luscious locks are transmitting and receiving signals from your environment to the brainstem (your control centre for bodily functions like breathing), the limbic system (responsible for our emotions and mental functions such as memory), and the neocortex (associated with “higher” information processing like learning and conscious thought). Don’t believe me, go and stand in a very cold space, you will feel your hair raising up, giving you “goose bumps”. Or what about people that are highly stressed and their hair starts falling out? Your hair on your head is linked to your nervous system.

By letting your hair grow as nature intended, you will absorb solar energy which is converted to vitamin D (key to our immune system), calcium (builds bones, teeth, and blood) and phosphorous (filters waste and repairing tissue and cells). Your hair is more than a crown of beauty, it acts as a communicator between your cells to nature. Have you ever thought why your hair defies gravity, kinky, and hard to strip of colour? Your hair is designed perfectly to connect you to the ether that picks up vibrations constituted of light and other electromagnetic radiation.

As well as a gateway for physical energy, the ancients believed your hair was also a spiritual gateway to gaining intuitive strength. Traditionally, hair was only shaved if you were a slave, a temple prostitute or in mourning. Thus, your hair is part of your spiritual experience and has significant meaning. Relaxing, straightening, cutting off, weaving or covering your hair is blocking your physical and spiritual energy gateway to being supreme and connected to the Source.

Your hair is part of your higher self, embrace your gift of your natural covering that is perfect.





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