Breaking Down Money Without Being Broke Pt 1

Money, mula, greens, pounds, yens, dollars, bread……. Everybody wants it, have to work for it, and die and leave it. What if I told you money is an illusion just like time is? Would you continue reading this article?

I hope so because I will be exposing facts and truths to help you understand the system and how you can break the spell of money without going broke. This is such an in-depth article, I will break it down into three parts over the next few days. Let us understand the three basics about money before we get down to the nitty gritty:

  1. Money is a currency. Currency is actually current.
  • Current means belonging to the present and that is why we can never truly save for for the future because money can only ever be used in the present time of a transaction. This is why as soon as your wages come in it goes back out for bills, mortgage, food, travel and other expenses.
  • Current means flow of air and water in a steady movement heading in a direction. We can see the same with money. All money that is given to a business is from the bank, the employee take the money as a wage from the business (who got the money from the bank as a loan), then the employees have to pay tax which goes back to the central banks; as well as, pay for their mortgage/rent that goes back to the bank to pay for shelter, and paying for expenses via businesses (e.g. supermarket) that then have to pay the borrowed money back to the bank. The money is never stagnant in economics, the money from the bank flows out to come back to itself at a higher interest. The banks always win. Just like how we cannot live without air and water in the natural world, the system has set up an unnatural world of “cannot live without money”.
  • Current means a flow of electrical charge. When we work for money we are exchanging it for our energy. You may say “no, I get paid for my time. Time is money”. That is a lie and any good physicist would tell you time is energy. You are getting paid for your energy. Your energy is the life force. If you work over time or do night work and get paid more, it is for taking more of your life force and compensating you for your death to come because anything that goes against your body clock will cause dis-ease. Your energy is converted to paper and metal that does not carry electricity or life. Money is dead,  investors call it “dead money”, meaning money invested in a security with minor hopes of appreciation or earning a return.

2.  The economy is an illusion. We are told economy is the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money. Additionally, we are indoctrinated to think economy is being careful in management of available resources. However, in reality:

  • Eco means environment, nature, natural habitat.
  • Nomy means a system of laws governing or sum of knowledge regarding a (specified) field.
  • They use spells in their spelling of words to conceal the truth. The Elite has set up a system of monetary law, supply and demand, to rule over all things in nature including us. They “manage” us by setting prices for gold, silver, oil and other natural resources that controls the access of who can have and how much they can have from the basic survival needs to precious resources. They have true knowledge of nature so they keep it to themselves to exploit us, the labourers, to acquire power to rule over the world. Economies of countries do not suddenly crash or rises, it is orchestrated and all about that country submitting to certain powers. We are just pawns in their power games.

3.  You are worth millions! When you are born, you are a human, a soul but when your parents registered your birth, you became a legal entity, meaning a company, a non living entity.

  • Your birth certificate gives you a fictional entity, like when you play monopoly and the banker gives you a dog or hat or car pieces in order to start and play the game to buy and sell. Your birth certificate is saying you are a legal fiction company, legal fiction meaning a fact assumed or created by courts which is then used in order to apply a legal rule. For example, paying taxes, obeying law of the land, and other legal rulings.
  • As a human being, you are flesh and blood, born free but your birth certificates enable the government to govern you like a corporation. Let us break down corporation. Corp meaning dead as in corpse and oration means speak. So you are in essence “dead speak”. The system tells you that the meaning of corporation is “a large company or group of companies authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law.” Now you realise that you as the human is dead in the eyes of the courts which means you have no natural”human rights” to fight the laws that rule you, any rights you have has to be granted or legislated. You and “your company” are owned by the state when your birth certificate was created. This is why your children can be taken from you, you cannot migrate freely, you can become victims of war and you can go to jail.
  • Like any corporation, you have capital, which is you. Your certificate is used as a bond in your name, meaning your birth is traded to another government or lender to pay off debt caused by the state. This mean your life has high value to the legal authority but you never knew that did you? They need you to work at least 50 years to generate more capital to pay off their lenders with the astronomical interest rate. You are worth around £100,000,000. Therefore, they spin illusion you need to be working at least 50 years (ages 16 to 65) of your life, meaning you are generating them £2,000,000 a year just by being alive, not including working and taxes they get from you!

There you have the basics about money, currency, economics, and your worth. Tomorrow I will speak on the psychology they use on us to keep us slaves to materialism and over consumerism, click here to read.

This is the REAL financial freedom, not making more money so you can give it back to the government but live as your own man or woman without feeding the system. For a revolution we must understand the powers that be and break free from their spells.

May you live long and prosperous.



8 thoughts on “Breaking Down Money Without Being Broke Pt 1

  1. I read some of this information about us humans and our soul. People with the information want you to pay them money for the information. Thank you for breaking down the pre-fixed words. I am interested in learning the truth.


    1. Hello Reflection, knowledge is free and is available if we are spiritually awake and free from our ego. The system stole our information from our ancestors and abused it to enslave. Keep seeking the truth sister.


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