Poem: International Women’s Day

I just wanted to show some love to the ladies and acknowledge how women are valued in our community as well as the struggle of valuing themselves.

To all my sisters this poem entitled ‘Brotherman and Sister Sister‘ is dedicated to every queen, mother, sister, daughter, and friend.

They say: “Sister Sister big bones, 
Why don’t you run on home?
As your clothes are too close
To the rolls”, watch them scold!
But this is what I say:
“Girl, you are fabulous and phat
You can be sexy, no need to be slack
You know you look good in black!”

Brotherman Picky, You say:
“This chick is too thick,
I like a coca cola shape,
You look tight, you wanna date?”
But this is what I say:
“Stop fussing about who you choose
Her soul cannot be found in her shoes
Odds are good but true love you’ll lose.”

They say: “Sister sister Coco Bean
Yes, you are beautiful but not for me.
I like fairer girls, you know what I mean?
Like them rappers in music videos on MTV”
But this is what I say:
“Girl, Blacker the berry sweeter the juice
Darker you are, closer to the roots
Don’t bleach your skin, just for him
At least you can hide your spots and sin!”

Brotherman Hypocrite, you say:
“Black power to our colour, yeah that’s right!
Black history is my education, my brightened light.
But yet secretly, I think White is right!
Confusing and mixed up but yet I’ll fight.”
But this what I say:
“You are not afro-centric just an angry man.
Your desires and spoken words I do not understand
What is your point? I cannot follow your futile plan!
Maybe you’re against yourself, so don’t underhand!”

You say, “I’m thy Brotherman Successful
I earn my money without any help though
I swagger in Versace and brag about my financial.
These sisters are waste-girls, they look so pitiful!”
But this what I say:
“You forget so easily who bought you there!
It was God that answered your sister’s pray!
Your money will not love you or even care,
Invest in a sister’s love instead of stocks and shares.”

Sister sister Strong, you say:
“All my life I struggled to have what I own,
Don’t need no brotherman to make a happy home
But deep down I am haunted by my heart’s silent groans
And every day I cry because pride made me alone”
But this what I say:
” I feel you, you need to break down this sturdy wall
Asking for help does not make you weak or small
Love is here to take away your hurts, pains and all
If Botherman Rescue comes your way, you can take a fall.”

Remember Nubian, you are perfect in the way you are, you can do anything you put your mind to. You are powerful beings, a reflection of mama earth, and you are the gate keeper of life. I love you.


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