Breaking Down Money Without Being Broke Pt 4

Now that we have dismantled what the system calls “money” and how it came about in part 3. I want to dig a little in to the ways they have created slavery via several energy vampire mediums to ensure they keep you disconnected from your energy, the Source and drain you for more than you think. Are you ready?

1. Debit is debt – Debit comes from Latin, debitum meaning “thing owed, that which is owing”. Debt comes from the same word. They only add the “i” to say that the person is liable for the debt. Who owes who then? Most people recieve bank statements (which is a given account of how they see your activities on your account, hence it is called an account) and you see you are in “debit” with what you are left with from our point of view.

Debit is the money owed to you by the bank. They are liable for your money. They do not make money or gain assets with your savings or money you are putting in. Some of you sharp thinkers, would question “since I put my money into an account, why do they owe me money?” Banks use your money as a loan to lend to others, create bank products (i.e. home insurance, building insurances, business loans, etc) and thus make money. Your money goes into an account electronically but they use your value of money to create opportunities to make revenue and gold (silver and other precious material) reserves.

When you set up direct payments from your account, you become liable for your money like car payments and rent. This is why a company/entity you use for a service or product can force through collection of payments. Your debit you agreed to allows a third party to take your money or assets until you pay what you owe even against your will. Also, the bank prefers you to have many debits because they create debt that makes them money. Debit is a system designed to keep us in debt to one another. The technical term for this is indentured servant. As soon as you sign any contract involving receiving (your salary, loans, business sales, tenants, etc) or giving money (mortgage, bills, loans, monthly donations, etc) there is a “master” and a servant who enter into a covenant. Majority of the time we are the indentured servant that is a debt bondage worker under the employer (“master”) for a specific amount of time (e.g. 9 to 5 permanent job, monthly rent, gym membership, phone contract, a 25 year mortgage, etc) in exchange for necessities. Our debit is our contract into slavery because we are unable to control our lives or work due to unpaid debts.

2.  Credit is your Creed (your contract)- Credit comes from the Latin word creditum meaning “a loan, thing entrusted to another” and the root word is credere meaning “to trust, entrust, believe” like someone giving credit where it is due to you. Whenever you use your credit card, store credit, phone credit or any other loan is based on the creditor/lender/master trusting you by looking at your “credit history” or referred by a trusted guarantor that can pick up the debt you took out as a servant. The bank and other entities make money off your debt or promising of paying back because of the interest you agree to be bonded/contracted to. The law only recognises a credit/money owed by a written contract and your signature such as for a car note, council tax, car tax, business loans, mortgages. With much credit comes great responsibility.

Your credit becomes your creed because when you sign away your life you believe as the lender that you and anything belonging to you becomes the lenders too. This is you accepting you are a slave (no freedom) to that lender/entity. Try not to pay for something and see your possessions get taken quickly with the enforcement of the law or thrown to prison and do free labour. Back in human history, if you could not pay back you would be thrown into a prison and your family would have to pay off the debt and if they fail then they would be jailed or made into slaves.

The money owed is called bail that is needed to be paid to be set free. Bail comes from the Latin bāiulo literally means I carry a burden. Bail includes the interest rates the bank/lender sets and this is where people forget when they are borrowing money. The interest is what gives the bank/lender it’s wealth/asset. We are the only species that pay for our necessities because we are dependent on the government on how to live.

The only three credits, we as the people should be involved that make us “masters”are:

a)  Placing money in an account with returnd interest because you are lending money to the bank that is an investment and the return is the interest they promised to pay e.g. 1.5% increase.

b)  Spending money you actually have rather than opening overdrafts and credit cards to spend outside of your means.

c)  Welfare meaning “condition of being or doing well”. In the UK, we have welfare  systems they offer such as  Child Tax Credit, Work Credit, Pension Credit, Tax Credit, Universal Credit . Do you know what that means? The government owes you money! But they deceive us because we do not know our entitlements. Don’t quit your job so quickly and plan your trip to Hawaii just yet! When we sign up (enter a contract) for any welfare, they set up how much you get, when you get paid, where you can live, the food you can eat, the activities you can do based on the amount of money assigned, which is a lot like prison. Getting payments of £74 a week for Universal Credit is a mockery when you are worth at least £38,461.54 per week, that is £2,000,000 a year!)

3.  Mortgage is literally “dead pledge” but they tell you it is a security of a loan or agreement for a property. Dead pledge apparently means the rents and profits you get from purchasing a property that technically does not belong to the bank as payment for the loan. It yields nothing to the mortgagee/lender of the mortgage and they say the loan is  in that sense, dead, non profitable to the bank/entity. I do not believe this but suspect it is the economists’ double speak for something sinister because most people that purchase properties give their tenant’s rent money or profits of the property for higher than the purchase price to the bank as a way of paying off the mortgage and other fees attached to the mortgage. It is dead pledge because it will take a lifetime to pay off for the majority of people and the pledge can only be broken by full payment or your death. It is slavery like slaves been told they have to work for their freedom but never get their freedom until they are bought by another person that can pay the full amount demanded or to be dead. Same thing.

This spell is so strong because you ask young people today how are you going to get your house? They always immediately say “mortgage, i just need a small deposit.” There are no options the system will tell you when they are. I will speak on this another time! Mortgages are generated from nothing like most loans

4.  Student loan- They introduce to your children when young with student loans.  They introduce the mindset it is ok to borrow because there is no interest and they will be able to pay back slowly for how ever long it takes when you start working. This is a false sense of security! A lot of banks have student accounts that operates the same way as the student loan companies but the young people do not realise their 0% interest is only for a short while and most student accounts are switched to an account they do not understand the conditions that become debt bondage causing massive debt that spirals out of control and have dark consequences for a lot of young people. If they have no guarantors, then it can lead to further destructive cycles.

5.  Tax – you never own anything that you have to pay tax  especially, if it is not just a one off tax. Your car for example is never yours. Take out your registration form you got from DVLA or DVM (for USA). No where does it say you “own” the car even if you paid £30,000 in cold hard cash. It says you are the “registered keeper”. Keeper  means to “look after”. It is the DVLA that is the owner, and it did not cost them a penny! This is not theft in the eyes of law because when you register anything (including birth certificates of your child). Re means to “back” and gesta means “actions, exploits, deeds, achievements” or “give”. Whenever you register (“regesta”) anything, you are acknowledging the state/entity’s ownership of you and you are asking their  permission to KEEP something that already belongs to the state and you are giving back! This is TAX!

Even when you get married,  you have to ask the government or notify you are getting married to someone that they own. Sounds familiar in slavery right? This is why they can take your husband or wife to jail, enlist them in an army, or anything that is under the law even though spiritually speaking you have become one spirit with the person you are married to. If your husband or wife dies, divorces you or absconds, any debt he or she had is transferred to you. This is the only time the courts would recognise you and your spouse as a single entity.

The land you pay for is for you to keep as long as you are alive and keeping up with payments  but still belongs the state. It does not matter if you have no mortgage to pay. This is because you either pay land tax or council tax.

The System will only ever permit you to own perishables and low value items despite of make or designer like food, clothes, househould goods, entertainment, breathing, unemployment, personal assets, employee benefits, child support, life insurance payouts, and other personal freedoms.

In part 5,I will demonstrate how you can practically break the monetary system without suffering financial discomfort. Part 1-4 was just giving you enough information to digest and to encourage you to see pass the “EGO – NOMOICS” to give yourself TRUE Financial freedom.

It is time we put our money where our mouth is! Money is power and we need to be on the mastery side of the coin and not the servant side. You cannot serve two masters.

Live long and prosper!


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