Going Ghana: Making Dreams Come True!

Hello Reflection,

I thought I would write a short letter to inform you that I am going Ghana for three weNo automatic alt text available.eks to do volunteer work at a school and orphanage in the Volta Region with the Anja Charity Foundation; as well as, learning about my ancient roots and sight seeing.

I want you to come with me! I will be blogging pictures, sharing stories and asking you to get involved while in Ghana. I will be immersed in the rich Ghanaian culture, history and food. I fly out on Monday 20th March and endure 6 hours and 40 minutes in the air then land in Accra, sleep over in the city before be driven out to the village in Have, Volta Region.

The project I will be teaching at the Dream Child Foundation which is a Ghanaian non-profit organization established in 2010. They provide care and support for children, especially for those children, who nobody else would care for, children in difficult situations such as orphans, street children, abandoned and neglected children. They meet their basic needs of accommodation, food, education and health care. I choose this organisation because I can see they are genuine concern for the children, they do not come across exploiting volunteers (with crazy amount of money that you know is not going to the children), and not exploiting impoverished children.

I am looking forward to share my little gifts with the little angels when I arrive, seeing the children’s faces everyday, being a part of the village, eating real soul food, having the African heat beat down on me, connecting to nature (especially  the waterfalls and stars), and planting my roots into the history of the slave trade in Accra. Also being inspired by key revolutionaries that shaped the African political landscape. It is going to be a phenomenal adventure that will change my life and yours!

If you would like to support the foundation, then head over to my GoFundMe page, here and donate how ever much you want. Do not forget to leave a comments if you donate or in anyway you can help, as well as places to visit while in South Ghana.

Keep up to date with my travel by subscribing to this site.

I hope to take you to Africa with me so you can see for yourself how wonderful the Motherland can be.

Kindest love,



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