Day 12 – The Deliverance

It was 8:45 am when we left when we saw a hoard of teenage girls in their school uniforms waiting to catch a glimpse of our next door neighbour, the teacher. They were teasing him and climbing his bicycle parked outside saying they needed a ride. The teacher seemed used to the attention and escorted the girls onto the main road.

As we walked, I realised that it was not just our school but other schools had free periods on Fridays. Children lined the roads outside their schools playing. Marie and I walked to the seamstress to pick up our dresses. Bernice was delighted to see us. She was turning the handle of her non-electrical sewing machine when we entered into her workshop. I was so excited to see the finished design. Marie was a little worried that her dress would be too puffy at the bottom. Bernice closed her workshop and we got changed into our dresses. Marie’s dress had a modern red design and style short sleeveless dress. I thought it was slightly big on the waist. Marie requested her dress to be shorter. My sleeveless long mermaid style dress was stunning with bold and bright block colours of pink and yellow. I tried it on and I loved it but requested for a tighter fit around my waist and chest.

While Bernice took Marie’s dress to alter it, I went to the market to buy one more bar of black soap. I walked through the half empty market and went to a young mother that was selling black soap. She was very beautiful and friendly. I thanked her for her assistance and headed back to Bernice’s workshop. On my return, Marie was trying on her dress and she loved the shorter length. She said she would use the leftover material to make herself a belt to give her a smaller waist. Bernice took my dress and created curves for my shape and when I tried it on, I felt sexy and ultra feminine. I just loved the details at the bottom of my dress. With our dresses paid for, we made our short way to school.

When we got closer to the school, we saw no children playing outside as expected but 28 people sitting down in front of a preacher shouting, invoking the people to respond to his message. Marie and I were confused as to why there was a church service in the shaded area of the school. We found the children and the teachers quietly sat down in one of the classrooms. Dorkus and Shalom explained that the church was using the space since 6 am to have their prayer and fasting service.

The congregation began singing their spiritual songs and Dorkus and Shalom joined in with the chorus. It sounded heavenly and made me reflect on my own spiritual journey. The church was different from my own but I was reverent as they worshipped. The preacher asked the church folks to stand and to fervently prayer for deliverance. Some were walking around banishing Satan, others were silent in prayer and one lady in white was falling over. Marie and I were bemused but Dorkus explained this is the African way of Christianity.

IMG_0382We played with the children until it was time to dismiss them and then Marie and I walked to the market to do a little bit snack shopping for the weekend. On our way, we saw a large group of men playing music, singing along and dancing at the corner of the market entrance. As we crossed the road where the men were, I heard one of my students call out, “Madame Dionne”. I turned and it was a little boy, a very bright one named Adam. With his big brown eyes, he looked up at me and took my hand. His sister was behind us as we walked through the market to hunt for some watermelon (which we could not find) and laundry soap for Marie. Once we finished a very short shopping session, we said goodbye to Adam and his sister and walked towards Abigail’s shop to buy soda and 1 hour of internet.

Abigail’s sister greeted us. I was looking forward to finally having internet since my old replacement phone did not accept the Ghana sim card and the charity did not provide wifi as told. Unfortunately, my tablet was playing up and failed to boot so my desire for communicating to the outside world was dampened. We bought our sodas and went to sit down behind the shop with the view of the market and minibus station. I was so annoyed with the situation as I was missing my family and friends.

Once the heat had subsided and our thirst was quenched, we continued with our shopping. We walked up a few yards and we stopped and bought our biscuits for our weekend treat. My morale picked up with my delicious purchased. We continued our walk home and met up with shalom, Dorkus and her little son, Theo. We shared with them our shopping experience before retiring away from the heat in our cool-aired room. A few local children came and played outside our rooms as per usual but we stayed in and blasted our music to start our weekend.

When the sun was setting and the winds were picking up, I decided to take a shower before the storm. I got my soap, towel, underwear and bucket of water with a small container inside. I passed my neighbours who were outside to get to the shower. As I was washing, the wind blew my towel off a piece of wood where I hang things to give me a little privacy. I ducked behind the wall and walked low to retrieve my towel outside my shower, praying that no one saw me or walked pass. I managed to get my towel back before a gust of wind blew my towel away. I continued with my shower and got changed. I started to walk back. As I passed the teacher with his bucket of water, a strong wind came and blew off my towel from my waist. I dropped the empty bucket and my clothes to grab the flapping towel. Dorkus and Shalom laughed at my embarrassment. The teacher turned around but at this point I was trying to fasten the towel back into place. He said I dropped something but I had already ran to my door trying to get in.

A few minutes later, I was putting away my clothes and realised I did not have my panties that I took off. I felt a sense of dread. I asked myself where I ould have put it. I realised I either left it in the shower where the teacher was now using or dropped it outside Shalom’s room. I went back outside and searched for my black panties in the pitch black. Shalom and Dorkus was already inside and the teacher was still showering. I found my knickers caught in the bushes near by and went inside to my bed. I was relieved for a successful operation deliverance.

Stay tuned for day 13 and 14 to find out what we get up to this weekend.


Thank you,



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