Mum and I were watching the BBC news and discussing the upcoming general snap elections in June that was called by Prime Minister Theresa May. Party members were discussing the NHS, education and Brexit. The Labour Party, UKIP and Conservative Party (Tories) were all slinging mud at each other. I smirked and said to her you know they are all for the elite. She asked what I meant. I explained there are elite families like the Rothschilds who own’s UK and EU ( as well as globally except for North Korea, Iran and Cuba). “How?!” she asked. I told her they own the central banks, and whom so ever owns the large majority of economic power control the social and political powers. I went on to state that the real reason our Prime Minister called a general election was that she is the elite’s puppet and they want the third world war. There were trumped up charges by the Crown Prosecution Service against the party for the overspending in the last election that led to their illegal election victory and if they were prosecuted then it would have triggered by-elections which may have robbed the Tories of their 12-seat majority,

I went on to state that the real reason our Prime Minister called a general election was that the elite wants a third world war and that could never happen if the European Union (EU) exists. This is because the EU was set up by 6 European countries and expanded quickly to 28 European countries to “make war unthinkable and materially impossible” as well as reinforce democracy amongst its members. EU is the last thing standing in the way of the New World Order. Almost all of the world is under control by the elite through the central banking system and the war on terror in the Middle East is setting the stage for it. The sudden mass immigration of the Middle East to burden the EU spiritually, economically, geographically and culturally and crush democracy. No democracy means war, and globalism (fancy word for New World Order) will be finally accepted as the only solution to a waking nightmare that is coming.

To secure the elite’s agenda of keeping their puppet, Theresa May is in power to ensure the dismantling of the EU and tighter relations with America.  Out of the blue, there were trumped up charges by the Crown Prosecution Service against the party for the overspending in the last election that led to their ” illegal” election victory. Prime Minister Theresa May knew she would be justified to call for a general election 3 years early if she and her masters made it out to look like that there was the slightest chance that the party could be prosecuted and trigger a by-election (an election due to the prime minister resignation, expelled or death). A by-election would have meant a new Prime Minister and that spelt disaster for the elite’s chosen puppet! As well as, a majority of Torie members were against the Brexit which would have meant Brexit could be stopped by an elected rogue. The party’s opposition went into a feeding frenzy over the criminal investigations since they were robbed of seats in the 2015 elections. The media made it out to look like the charges would stick and the Tories could possibly lose the majority of the Parliment seats. This caused a nation panic and May played her card of pushing for a general election before her party lost seats and her position; thus, ceasing Brexit negotiations. Shortly after the general election was called, surprise surprise no criminal charges were found. The dear-caught-in-the-headlights public had accepted the forced and rushed election while still trusting the government because they were found not guilty of an illegal election.

My mum looked at me in disbelief and remarked, “Why not just wait for 2020 then? Prime Minister May would still be the leader then.” I replied, “The Elite is on a time schedule. They want World War three by 2020. 2020 is an occult significance for their vision to be made known.” She took some minutes and ask me before switching the channel, “So who are you voting for?” I laughed and said, “my vote doesn’t mean anything. All parties are run by the elite. Voting is a mockery to my right as a free human and master of myself. So who are you voting for?” She said, “Theresa May.”

Don’t be my mother. Do your research. If you don’t want to listen to a black person then to Elite’s themselves:

June 8 will start a whirlwind of great consequences not only for us Britons but all Europe and the world. We will see policies and crises that will lead to taking away our so-called human rights and who will be first to suffer? The Blacks and immigrants because we have the least assets and the most disorganised racial community. Yes, other minorities have lesser assets to trade and survive the initial blast of hardship but they can ORGANISED.

To navigate our destiny and frustrate the plans of the elite, it will have to be through our economic and social power since we do not have a strong political power as Black people in Europe. We must be able to control and organise our survival by organising ourselves borough by borough, region by region as a functioning community and not by ethnicity (African/Caribbean/Mixed… we are all AFRICAN). We must be aware of our potential to be sufficient in food, shelter and protection as we near 2020 otherwise we will perish at an alarming pace.  We have to start now since our forefathers failed in educating us and unifying. We need to train our children how to be self-sufficient and interdependent in a scout/pathfinder manner. Teach them practical skills rather than just pushing them to be a good zombie and recite what to think rather than how to think. This ensures the next generation can break away from the elite’s political machine.

We are the most exploited group of people in the world, physically to economically and spiritually. Do not be fooled and think by watching the news that you are educated on whom you will mark an ‘X’ next to. When the shit hits the fan, there will be no white saviour to protect your interests, your family and your freedom. You have to learn to survive what is coming rather than cheering on the supposed party that is selling you a falsehood. They (elite) want us to collapse and they want us to be scorched from the earth until all is left is the elite and their riches.

Save your energy by not going down to the polling station and feeding the oppressive system designed to kill you. Don’t feed the machine, destroy it by outsmarting it and seeing it for what it is.

I asked my mum after she told me whom she was voting for, “did you hear what I just said? The system is rigged.” And do you know what she said? She broke my heart when she said, “I have to choose a poison and I chose the poison that will kill me the slowest.” I do not know abut you but that sounds painful. I rather not drink the poison at all.

What do you think will happen in 2020 on the world stage? Are you voting? And why? Leave your comments below



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