The African Disillusions of My Youth

I am an African who had their scales fall from their eyes

Traumatised from the revelation behind their lies

Of “You can be anything you want to be”

And “Follow your dreams”;

I mean, look what happened to Doctor King

Follwing those smooth slithering serpents’ doctrines.

While I’m climbing on the rough side of this mountain

Living off the miseducated high; drunk off the “Whites only” fountain,

That Koolaid tasted fresh but my anger cannot be quenched

By the bleaching of my flesh and the injustice paraded in the press.

It doesn’t matter that I have the IQ of Einstein

If I have to reason and prove to “them” that I am mankind.

You see, my energy is spent marching the streets, picking up bricks

For my rights not be poisoned, my melanin not to be stripped.

So what if I have my masters, I still have to work in the field, picking cotton 9 o 5

Paying for my White boss’s bratty kids, his wife and his mistresses lifestyles,

Come home to a shack that broke my Mama’s back for her to just die so I can live

So I can live in Charlotte’s web and become a black widow by the hand of these pigs.

Please don’t ask me to forgive! I cannot forgive as my ancestors have given enough

Please do not say “All Lives Matter” and God is Love so I must love,

Time is not healing for what has been a generational curse caused by hands

Weaving my circumstance into another tragedy to feed the News’s demands

Of Black kids, red blood, blue badges and white guilt for their viewing pleasure

Before cutting to a commercial break to sell you products to escape into leisure.

Even with my promotion, strong work ethics and pushing myself hard

This glass ceiling is just like the firmament separating us from the moon and stars.

I have to get just enough money to pay my mortgage

And abandon all of my dreams to stay corporate

Long enough to be old and feeble, too late to hustle for what I dreamt of,

Bitter for the years of stuff I accumulated, mislabeled as a ‘labour of love’?

You may say, I should just enjoy being young and dumb

But I am sick and tired of being lied to, no longer will I hum

To the tunes that manipulate the masses, lulling us to sleep

Shearing off our wool and feeding us to the wolves like sheep.

Keep your drugs, sex and rock and roll. This shit cannot be numbed!

This cosmic war we are in cannot be won unless your mind becomes undone.

This is what I did to myself and now I am paranoid

As to what’s in my food and who’s spying on me on my android?

I disconnect from my technology and plug into the ether,

This connection is free and no matter how far you go, reception doesn’t get weaker.

Nature preserved my humanness and became my medicine

Like my people in the past that illuminated before Thomas Edison.

I will return to my truest state of being, instead of the state of having

Break the backs of my habits, shut my eyes to social pressures that say “I must have it”;

I don’t trust the government that does not recognise my birthright as an entity

Who puts me in a physical box with psychological locks to fraud me of my identity,

I know my liberation will come at a price, a heavy cost for living my truth

But you’ll tell me it’s just a phase, and I’m an African disillusioned with my youth.


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