Episode 5: Black Wealth Creation & Group Economics

MindSight Collective Podcast is a monthly pro-Black ‘act’ tank podcast hosted by writer, strategist, psychologist, speaker, and activist Dionne Williams. Every 2nd  Wednesday Dionne shares her thoughts on current issues and the psychological conditioning that is affecting the Black community and discusses strategies with her special guests to improve the mind and soul that leads to African liberation, one mind at a time.

In this episode, we speak to Wealth Fluency expert, Anwin Mbah, about creating money, retaining money, group economics and investing money the smart way.

Coming up on the podcast:

  • The mantra for the show is “Prosperity overflows in my life. I have everything in abundance”. 
  • I interview Anwin Mbah, a Business Wealth Strategist, Founder of Wealthfluency, and MB Consultant.


EYEAM Mantra

Today Our Mantra Is “Prosperity overflows in my life. I have everything in abundance”

We are born with everything we will ever need in this human experience including prosperity and abundance. However, we are programmed by our parents, religion, media, and friends and family to view money negatively which blocks us from having an abundance mindset. Not only in our finances but our relationships, love, and freedom. We begin to live our lives in fear or hate for money. We stick to the so-called secure job, we never have enough, we dread getting bills through our letterbox and we just hope that one day we will win the lottery. 

You cannot think poor and expect to be wealthy. We have to tap into our abundance mindset. That mindset says that we are enough and there is more than enough money, love, and time out in the universe and it flows to me. This mindset undoes the negative programming. It releases the flow again. Remember what you focus on will grow. Stop focusing on what you do not have and start focusing on what you do have and use it to get more of what you want.

We can unlearn and relearn this mindset by repeating abundance and prosperity affirmations daily. It is effective in filling our minds with thoughts of plenty and satisfying our souls. It will help us to start zoning in on what we want and how we can get it. Trust the process. 

Say with me, “Prosperity overflows in my life. I have everything in abundance.” Ase!

Special Guest: Black Wealth Creation & Group Economics

Interview|Anwin Mbah



Anwin Mbah is a Business Wealth Strategist helping female business owners finally feel secure and in control of their business finances so that they can retain and grow their business bank balance in 90 days without the stress and overwhelm.

Founder of Wealthfluency, MB Consultancy, and a  prolific traveler. Supporting businesses realise their potential by showing them how corporate strategies can be integrated into SMEs to increase profits and build company wealth.  

Anwin is a certified Business and Wealth Retention Strategist working with SMEs to leverage corporate strategies into your businesses using your financial reports to make informed decisions and optimising your business operations. As a qualified Business Strategist & Business Architect, Anwin specialises in supporting companies to define their strategy, execute plans and implement processes. Anwin is an experienced Regulatory and Compliance Consultant with a proven track record for designing robust solutions and business architectures which underpin business change, capabilities, and transformation, thus safeguarding regulatory compliance and deliver process efficiencies.

Tune in to the podcast to hear Anwin’s answers to my questions below:

1. Tell us about yourself and expertise in the subject of money and business?
2. What is wealth and wealth management?.
3. How can we be masters of our wealth? Any tips or secrets you can let us know about?
4. How should we collect or save capital in order to open a business? Can we start a business with very little money?
5. How can we make it possible to quit our jobs and be financially free?
6. What do you think about black group economics? How can we implement this?
7. Where can people start if they have the money but they don’t know how or where to invest?
8. How can people get hold of you?
9. Any last words of wisdom?

Get in touch with Anwin at:

Website   Image result for twitter icon png @wealthfluency   1200px-instagram_logo_2016-svg @wealthfluency   Image result for facebook icon png Like page  200px-community_noun_project_2280-svg Join Group

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