Episode 6: Black Hair Don’t Care

MindSight Collective Podcast is a monthly pro-Black ‘act’ tank podcast hosted by writer, strategist, psychologist, speaker, and activist Dionne Williams. Every 2nd  Wednesday Dionne shares her thoughts on current issues and the psychological conditioning that is affecting the Black community and discusses strategies with her special guests to improve the mind and soul that leads to African liberation, one mind at a time.

In this episode, we speak to Shereen Senior, about her up and coming natural hair documentary that inspires, answers burning questions and generates a new narrative.

Coming up on the podcast:

  • The mantra for the show “I love myself. I am a beautiful, unique spirit. There is no one else quite like me.”
  • I interview activist and co-producer, Shereen Senior.


EYEAM Mantra

Today Our Mantra Is “I love myself. I am a beautiful, unique spirit. There is no one else quite like me.”

It’s hard existing in a materialistic world that traps our consciousness to only look at the outward of mankind. They deceive us using our 5 senses to tell us what is beautiful, powerful and acceptable. We walk around blind to the spiritual world, where we see each other as spiritual beings with amazing qualities and love that defies reasoning. It’s time to close our 5 senses and open our eye that sees the truth. The truth is you are not ugly, stupid, unsuccessful or any other label our ego tries to attach itself to.

Look in the mirror and see yourself for who you truly are. Yes, it is scary to look deep into your own soul and ask, “what am I”? At first, you may hear all the hateful comments and critics shouting their answers but they aren’t your answers. You are unique, special and all that is good. Stop comparing yourself with others. It’s hard I know to turn off the TV and put down the magazines and surround yourself with real beauty in mother nature.

She will reflect only you. That’s what you are. You are part of her and she never judges or makes you feel worthless. She overwhelms you with love and wonder. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Say with me, “I love myself. I am a beautiful, unique spirit. There is no one else quite like me.”Ase.

Special Guest: Black Hair Don’t Care

Interview|Shereen Senior


Shereen senior is the co-producer of a controversial rap music video entitled PRO BLACK by Sentimental ft QS in which she expresses her opinion about being “mixed race” and the division within the black communities around the world.  Watch here.

Currently, she is producing a short documentary, What’s good about Straight hair? (working title). This documentary will be addressing the issues, we as black people have with our natural hair, to bring to light the truth of why we spend so much money on so-called “fixing” our hair.

Tune in to the podcast to hear Shereen’s answers to my questions below:

1. Tell us about yourself and introduce your concept for the hair documentary? Why is it important?

2. What motivated you to start this journey to document African hair in the West? What do message do you want people to get from it?

3. What is your definition of natural hair?

4. Do you think there is a conspiracy against Afro hair? If so, by whom and in what way?

5. What link is there between White Supremacy and Standards of Beauty.

6. What struggles do you think naturals are facing inside and outside of the Black community?

7. Do you think mixed race hair types are hijacking the natural hair movement? If so by whom and in what way?

8. Since we have been appropriating Caucasian and Asian hair, is it fair to say, that non-black people should be allowed to appropriate our hair textures and styles? Why?

9. How can we encourage the sisters and brothers to go natural and celebrate the natural state of their hair?

10. How can people get hold of you?

Get in touch with Shereen at:

1200px-instagram_logo_2016-svg @ShereenSenior    email-icon Email

I love feedback

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