Episode 7: What Is Black Culture?

MindSight Collective Podcast is a monthly pro-Black ‘act’ tank podcast hosted by writer, strategist, psychologist, speaker, and activist Dionne Williams. Every 2nd  Wednesday Dionne shares her thoughts on current issues and the psychological conditioning that is affecting the Black community and discusses strategies with her special guests to improve the mind and soul that leads to African liberation, one mind at a time.

In this episode for Black History Month in the UK, we speak to Zozer Amun, about defining Black Culture and how it is under attack, exploited and appropriated by other races.

Coming up on the podcast:

  • The mantra for the show “I am my ancestors’ wildest dream.”
  • I interview Renaissance Man, Spiritual teacher and rapper, Zozer Amun aka Senti.



EYEAM Mantra

Today Our Mantra is “I am my ancestors’ wildest dream.”

You are a miracle, did you know that?  Scientists estimate the probability of you being born at about one in 400 trillion! So the odds that you are here on this plane we call earth randomly is zero! Then to add to the mix, our ancestors were captured, stolen to work as slaves across the Atlantic Ocean or survive the African holocaust at the hands of Europeans once they got to the African shores, and then they had to fight for the right to be recognised as a human being. All that they went through so you can be here, listening to this podcast. This is a miracle! We are living at the time of Earth’s history where we have a fighting chance not only to dream but to fulfill them. You are in fact your ancestors wildest dreams.

Every time you feel like there is no hope for our people, remember with each generation it will get better for them to unlearn, re-learn and once again rule their destinies with freedom. We cannot for one second feel like we are just a grain of sand in comparison to the universe. You are the universe. You are the impossible made possible. Our ancestors believed in their struggle and fought for a world where we can be black, magnificent, strong, and liberated. We thank every man and woman that came before us so we can live to fight for another day and can carry their light into the future.

Say with me, “I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams”. Ase!

Special Guest: What Is Black Culture?

Interview|Zozer Amun

zozer amunZozer Amun is a spiritual guide, activist, historian and renaissance man.

In 2008, he was the co-producer and star in his own movie called Enemy Friend. As well as being a man in front of and behind the camera, Zozer’s doesn’t stop there. He is also a rap artist going by the name of Zozer Amun and Senti who has produced a few music videos, one named “pro-black” which he made for black history month back in 2016. Watch here.

Currently, Zozer Amun has a brand-new youtube channel called BLK MEDIA TV  where he and his co-host Qu’ess (episode 6 special guest) discuss up-to-date news while giving facts and knowledge on a range of profound subjects that affect the black community and humanity as a whole.

Tune in to the podcast to hear Zozer’s answers to my questions below:

1. Tell us about your self.

2. What does it mean to you when I say, “Black race”?

3. What is Black Culture?

4. Who created Black Culture?

5. Is it possible that Black People’s culture is being exploited? If so, why?

6. Do you think that Europeans are controlling our image of African/ Black people? If so, in which ways do you see this happening?

7. What can we do to change our negative narrative and to protect our culture?

8. What are some of the solutions we can implement to address the issues you just identified?

9. How can we support our young people in knowing who they are and where they came from so they can choose where they are going?

10. How can people get hold of you?

Get in touch with Zozer at: 

1200px-instagram_logo_2016-svg @younger_older_    Image result for youtube icon Watch    facebook_circle-512 Zozer Amun

I love feedback

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