Episode 8: The Science of Melanin & Black Genes

MindSight Collective Podcast is a monthly pro-Black ‘act’ tank podcast hosted by writer, strategist, psychologist, speaker, and activist Dionne Williams. Every 2nd  Wednesday Dionne shares her thoughts on current issues and the psychological conditioning that is affecting the Black community and discusses strategies with her special guests to improve the mind and soul that leads to African liberation, one mind at a time.

In this episode, we hear from Jo Dash, a revolutionary in African Holistic Health, about what is melanin, why the Black race is unique, trauma passed down through our genes, and what we need to do to protect our DNA. 

Coming up on the podcast:

  • The mantra for the show “I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s seeker. We are a family and together we can be strong and uplift one another. We are one.”
  • I interview a truly astonishing thought leader and lecturer in African spirituality, Black history and melanin science, Jo Dash. 


EYEAM Mantra

Today Our Mantra is “I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s seeker. We are a family and together we can be strong and uplift one another. We are one.”

Have you switched on the news or read the papers lately, and all you saw ere our kids being slaughtered, the justice system failing the bereaved of our community, and our people catching hell around the world? Are you frustrated at the images that flash before you of us poor, downtrodden and criminalised? Do you feel overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness and anger that eats away at you? Do you wish to see our world differently?

Open your eyes, my friend. You have a choice amongst all this chaos that bombards us, that drags us down and causes us to forget we are one, we are strong, we are beautiful, and we are in this together.

Instead of switching on to be programmed to hate ourselves and each other, switch your attention to empathise with the Black faces you see in your neighbourhood, in your city or town. Instead of choosing to be frustrated, go into your community and remind this world that we are creative, unbreakable, fierce and elegant. Instead of wishing the world would change and be kind to us, remind them we gave birth to all this beauty… all the races, mathematics, sciences, the arts, medicine, philosophies, flavours, astrology, music, and all culture. We are everyone and everything in this world.

Don’t weary in the good fight, only weary of not showing your brothers and sisters love. It is so easy to criticise our people, our family but it’s harder to show love. Ask yourself why? And then remember, “I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s seeker. We are a family and together we can be strong and uplift one another. We are one.” Ase!

Special Guest: The Science Of Melanin & Black Genetics

Interview|Jo Dash


Jo Dash studied biology and genetics at college with further studies and over 10 years independent research in African spirituality, Black history and melanin science. He teaches courses on melanin and biophysics at The Centre Of Panafrican Thought where they explore the different layers of the Black existence based on academia and philosophy.

Both of Jo’s parents are qualified mental health experts and he grew up passionate about the psychological and bio-spiritual warfare towards Black people. In adulthood, he was inspired by the Moorish community in the USA who first introduced him to the deep sciences of the African culture. His spirit gravitated towards the information and He has been on this path of knowledge ever since.

Catch Jo at his up and coming Melanin masterclasses in December, book here. 

Tune in to the podcast to hear Jo’s answers to my questions below:

1. Tell us about your self (plug any projects, causes etc that you are part of) 

2. Why and how did you get into the science of melanin and Black genetics?

3. Can you please explain in laymen terms, what is genetics? What is melanin?

4. Is there a downside of having a high amount of melanin? If yes, how so?

5. Are Black people genetically different from other races? If yes, how so? Any examples?

6. Why is it important to know about melanin and our genetic makeup as Black people? How is it relevant to our everyday lives?

7. Do you think there is a conspiracy that others are trying to steal our melanin? If so, Why and how are they doing it?

8. What are the factors that damage or destroy our genes and what can we do to protect them?

9. How can my listeners get hold of you?

Get in touch with Jo Dash at: 

1200px-instagram_logo_2016-svg @jo.dash   facebook_circle-512 jo.dash.9

I love feedback

I’d love to know what you think about this episode. So please get in touch by commenting below or tweet me @mindsighttweets or send me a meme or post to describe your reaction to the topics in today’s show to @mindsightcollective.

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