Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life.“-Bob Marley

If anyone is seeking independence, it is because they are aware and live in dangerous times of oppression, corruption and inequality.

We are awake and wise up to the times we are living in and demand independence with either “the ballot or the bullet” since integration is like running into a burning house, which was never intended for us to benefit. When a million men marched for desegregation, they marched for the right to be equal but the oppressors traded their meaning of “equality” for “integration” which made us victims of poor housing, high unemployment, poor education, and thus dependent on the system. Integration has mocked our community as they have portrayed the African man as unable of governing himself or his family, that the African woman cannot have a family without the government’s “help”, and that the African child is a degenerate and will not contribute to society. Integration was forced down our throats as the oppressors thought we were incompetent of being a “civilised” African living amongst them.

When there was separation from the dominant society, Africans was forced to stick together, invest in themselves, and protect themselves. We built economic systems that harnessed natural resources, competed for better living conditions, farmed our own food, created our own identity, manufactured goods with innovation, practised charity amongst our neighbours, traded amongst ourselves and thrived.

Independence is our African mind separating its identity from the oppressors, from the major society that daily attacks us consciously and subconsciously. We will never get better living conditions, businesses, high standard education and decision makers who look like us, while we beg the slave masters who are doing the enslavement.

Independence means that we govern ourselves without major influence or control by others in matters of who we are, how we live, our health, our education, how we keep justice, the way we think, our finances, and anything else pertaining to nation building.

We must demand reparations as we have been victimised and they are sustaining the daily trauma of being African in a White society. We don’t want to rely on the oppressors and exploiters for aid or support but we do demand justice including financially.

Freedom is all we ever sang about, rapped about, danced about, preached about, marched for, stand up for and die for. What have we gained? We have been hoodwinked, clapping hands and embracing white liberalism that has only pushed their own agenda on the African nation (to make us more like them). We must not ask but take what is a God-given right to all human beings… Our independence!