Each generation must discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it.”
Frantz Fanon

From the dawn of humanity, every generation has been given an opportunity to pick a side of history and contribute to the human experience, regardless if good or evil.

Between the 1600s and 1700s, our people revolted, wrote profound literature, escaped slavery, and set others free from slavery.

Between to 1800s and 1900s, Our ancestors were activists for abolishing slavery, fought wars for their freedom, built black-owned communities, started their own education and financial systems, fought for civil rights, gained independence from empires, voluntarily relocated back to Africa, organised protests and movements for political equality and social justice, revolutionised a new black cultural identity, and broke colour barriers across all industries.

Between 2000s and now,  we have become more involved in politics, marching for Black lives matter, social media campaigning for social injustices, and pan-Africanism has united Africans all over the world.

This has been a great start but we have a long way to go. Here is our chance to counteract the ignorance of oppressors and exploiters of our identity, our rights, and our future. We cannot stay comfortable while we sit in a pot of lukewarm water. We must jump out of the pot before we catch real heat and end up being murdered in a cooking pot of boiling water.

Please stop sleeping and thinking somebody else will fight for your rights, that the government have your best interests at heart. We need unity and action now to better our poor conditions we are in. We must push forward without apology because if we (the Africans diaspora) are not free, how can we free Africa? Let us make our ancestors proud by doing the right thing.