No man is free who is not a master of himself.” – Epictetus

A people that cannot rule their tongues, appetites and minds are unfit to lead a revolution but stay fit to be a slave. We have been slave long enough. Slaves of brain-washing, materialism, mindless followers of self-mutilation, and perverse appetite.

As the original people of Earth, we must return back to nature to charge up and stay connected to what is true, pure and holy. If we understand the laws of nature we can heal ourselves of the oppressors’ diseases and ailments that keep us sick and unfit to fight.

We are Black, the stars, the sun, and spirit that is charged by our high concentration of melanin. Our African skin may be dark but filled with light.

We are still stuck in our infancy stages of enlightenment as people since we have been displaced from the top to the bottom of the pyramid worldwide. Our ancestors created technologies, understood the secrets of the universe and manipulated nature to gain resources. These things made them great and advanced as a people.

Nowadays, we are entertained by puppets, dying fast with fast food and killing each other senselessly. Our vibrations are stuck between the root and solar plexus chakras as most of us have to hustle to get and maintain a job, constantly threatened with homelessness and poor living condition, poor diets, becoming increasingly infertile, feeling unprotected, carriers of sexually transmitted diseases, a lack of empathy and unhealthy relationships. No time to engage the mind and body to work as one but we cry out for unity!

Unity can be created when we realise we cannot be separate from God/The Source/Consciousness or any other name for the Creator. Our Ancestors understood this basic truth and thrived for millennials. Time to get back to basics.